My Story

   Hi, my name is Nadia. I live in beautiful San Diego, California. Ukrainian descent. I love all kind of Art. Right now my biggest passion is cookie decorating. “100 party cookies” book author, CookieCon Instructor 2016. My work has been featured in “Home&Garden”, “Cake Central”, “Tort Deco”magazines.

   Since my childhood I was fond of art and loved to draw, create beautiful things with my hands. Decorating cookies is one of my favorite hobbies, which combines my love to bake and decorate. My friends and my family have always loved my pastry and encouraged me with compliments. They have become my first critics and testers.

   I got really inspired by the cookies I once saw on Flickr. I immediately started to research everything I could find on the internet about cookies. I have ordered online my first 30 cookie cutters, bags, dyes, baked the cookies, made icing and…since then can’t stop. If you are a creative person like me, there will be endless posibilities for using your artistic talent. And the artist lives in all of us!

   The world of cookies has many different decorating techniques and methods and each decorator has their own unique style. My favorite technique for the past 6 years has been and still is royal icing lace and embroidery. Although I like to try new styles and techniques..

   People often ask me where do I get the inspiration. New ideas come unexpectedly and the inspiration comes often from simple and ordinary things: patterns on the dishes, wrapping paper, fabrics, pictures found online, cards, toys etc.

   Now you can see the cookies, which can be called a work of art. The artist invests a lot of time and their talent to create it, invents complex structures and uses a lot of colors. However, the cookies must always be cookies. They should be not only beautiful but delicious and edible. That’s why I always will be a fan of a simple design with a minimum use of colors. My favorites are white and pastel colors. Cookies with a complex design and lace I usually add to the set of cookies with  very simple design and least detailed.

   If you make the first steps in decorating cookies, do not aspire to the ideal, do not be discouraged if you do not get it. Practice and more practice – the key to your success and skill. But always remember that it’s just a cookie, it should be eaten in a few seconds.

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